About Rachel

Hello and welcome to Otterway Photography, my name is Rachel Joy Otterway! When I began my photography business in 2009 I was Rachel Otterway Photography. It underwent a few name changes from Rachel Otterway Wedding Photography to Rachel Joy Otterway Photography, then I realised how awesome my surname was – and how awesome otters are! – and decided that Otterway Photography was the perfect name!

“People are my motivation, in all of their weird and wonderful variety. I love being able to takes photos that tell the stories of people’s emotions and special moments, so that those precious memories will always be there to revisit and enjoy.”

I was only four years old when Dad showed me how to use his camera to take a photo, and I still have my first photo of the sky that I took that day! Ever since then I’ve not stopped taking photos, and nothing excites me more than taking amazing photos that bring joy – although getting a new lens or camera comes close!

My family have always encouraged my passion for photography, and I’m proud to use our Otterway family name for my business 🙂 I feel very lucky and grateful that a lifelong hobby and passion has also become my career, and strive to put that passion into all of my work. My degree in Design helped inspire my creative imagination and taught me lots about composition and visual presentation, together with the project management skills I need to run a photography business.


It’s important to me to make you feel comfortable when you’re trusting me to record your day – I’m relaxed and outgoing and comfortable being around people, which makes it easy for me to take natural, spontaneous photographs of everyone without it being intrusive or awkward for anybody. I’ve been photographing family and friends at all kinds of gatherings for as long as I can remember, and I was commissioned to photograph my first wedding in 2008 – I’ve been doing it since then and have never looked back.

I believe love is the greatest thing and I am honoured to photograph such amazing events. Please get in touch via my contact page, and we can start planning your day.